About me

I travelled a lot. I lived in a few countries before coming to University in London and meeting my future Hubby here. And so I stayed here and over ten years later I'm still here. We travelled a lot, we socialised a lot, we ate lots of lovely food and drank lots of nice wine. I shopped and gossiped with my friends. I studied, I worked. Over a year ago a little miracle happened. Our precious little girl was born. We stayed in a lot, we worried a lot, shed a little tear, we laughed a lot, we cuddled a lot, we cooked a lot. I stopped working, I started thinking and so here I am writing all of our experiences. I am a Stay At Home Mum, my life has turned upside down, I'm a different and yet the same person. Better probably! But still the same. I still travel a lot, still eat a lot of delicious food, still drink wine (maybe less...or maybe not...), still shop and socialise. This blog is about myself - young (29...not 30 yet!), passionate woman who loves nice things in life and a Mama (and wife of course;) who tries to combine all 'those nice thingswith Motherhood and all the practicalities that come with it. Shopping, but on a smaller scale (cannot remember last time I walked out of Selfridges Sale with lots of bags...), learning to cook healthy meals for My Little Miss S, but eating delicious meals with My Hubby, enjoying a nice glass of wine, somehow catching up with my friends whilst trying not to worry whether my Little Darling is ok. And many many more. And now between all the cooking, shopping (more Waitrose than Whistles), play groups, cleaning, and trying to look human I would like to share my experiences with you. Welcome to my world! Raminta x

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  1. One gorgeous Mama! Well done!

  2. I love reading your blog, Raminta! Greetings from LA!

  3. This is such a beautiful blog! So pleased I found you:)