Thursday, 24 January 2013

For your skin and for your tummy!

So woke up this morning with a rather blotchy looking skin. I think it's because we started leaving heating on during the night as it is rather cold at the moment and central heating is not the best of friends with your skin. I try to leave a window a little bit open so that the fresh air can get in but it looks like it didn't quite do the trick. Or it could be a combination of dry air and wine that I had last night...Anyway, so I spotted in my fridge some cottage cheese that was due to expire today. I'm quite funny about eating things that are about to expire (although I know they are perfectly fine) so I decided to use it for my face as a skin mask. Mix it with some honey and one egg, rub onto your face and , if you are lucky enough to have 15min of uninterrupted time, relax. I had to put my child into her playpen for that period of time, otherwise I would be running around the house with a mask on my face! Afterwards, wash off the mask with warm water and then rub your skin (gently) with some ice cubes. I made my ice cubes from a cooled green tea (apparently it's good for you). I must say my skin feels good. I should try and do this more often!

So, as I was using cottage cheese for my face, I thought I'll use another cheese to make some food:) Virtinukai or little cottage-cheese ravioli. My childhood favourite and My Little Miss S took a liking to them when we were in Lithuania. The only thing is that cottage cheese in Lithuania is different from the one here (the one in the UK is very runny). So my mum suggested using ricotta cheese. And it worked! Well, they didn't look as nice as my mum's (blame the cheese) but tasted very delicious indeed! Both my daughter and I had them for lunch. So here you go.


You will need 500g of ricotta cheese, half a glass of flour, one egg. You should normally add two spoonfuls of sugar and a tiny bit of salt...but I didn't (trying to keep my little one away from sugar and salt for as long as possible:)) 
For the sauce you will need some sour cream and butter (as much or little as you like). Mix ricotta with sugar and salt (if you are using it) and then mix in the egg. Add flour. Again mix and make into a dough. Then form long strips out of the dough and cut them into a small squares (doesn't matter if they are not very neat!). Boil the water (could add some salt into the water) and add your ravioli. Once they come up to the surface leave them to boil for another couple of minutes and then take them out.

Heat the butter in a pan and add some sour cream (for myself I also added some brown sugar. Naughty!). This will be your sauce. And this is it. For My Little Miss S I also blended some blueberries! 

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