Friday, 8 February 2013

Make up, buns and other pleasures

Woke up yesterday and decided that  what I really really want is a cinnamon bun asap (simple girl at heart;). My great-grandmother used to make these pretty much on a daily basis as though it's a piece of toast! I should really learn how to bake them (and I will) but until then there is a Nordic Bakery in Soho. They do the most amazing cinnamon buns ever as well as other tasty things such as rye bread with salmon. Some of the Scandinavian food is very similar to Lithuanian food so for me it's a paradise! They also have a very chilled out atmosphere and great coffees. Plus, I think it's about time my Little Miss S is introduced to a wonders of a cinnamon bun (cinnamon is good for you, sugar - well let's be naughty sometimes).

So we ventured out into a central London... Train journey that should normally take us 20 minutes took us over one hour! I'm actually not surprised at all as this used to be a pretty normal occurrence when I was commuting to work on a daily basis (that's one aspect of my life that I absolutely 100% don't miss at all). Delays on trains and tubes is a nightmare. Now delays when you have a toddler with you adds the whole new meaning to a word 'nightmare'! After the initial excitement about being on the train (we normally drive), Little Miss S got rather fed up when the train just stopped and didn't move for at least 40 minutes! We went through the whole content of my handbag, smiled and waved at all the other commuters, but then she just got agitated. I mean I don't blame her. I felt like crying too from all the heat and frustration. Add the pain of teething (her teeth at the back are now coming through) and it's really not a nice place to be. So she started crying and I just tried to stay as cool as possible when you are wearing a winter coat and can't move. Then all of the sudden she stopped crying but only because she spotted something really 'worthy' her attention. Prada handbag. Not mine! Lady that was standing next to our seat! "Jesus, please don't play with her Prada handbag!!!" I mean (in pre baby days) if some other child played with my Prada handbag (I haven't got one, just imaginary bag) I would not be that pleased. But she did. She smiled and started talking to my darling daughter. Well, she either has lots of children, grandchildren or she is just plain mad! Or maybe just nice!

Anyway, eventually we arrived in Central London ( could have been New York after that journey) in one piece and my first port of call was ... Selfridges (forget the buns for now!!!). Little Miss S was calmly sleeping in her pram (angel!!) so I thought I'll use this opportunity to 'inspect' what's new;) So we entered the Beauty sections first. I thought I'll go and try some nude lip glosses when 'the angel has landed'!! Honestly, you know when I wrote about getting ready to go out and wishing I had a personal make-up artist who could pamper me without me having to sing ' head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes' whilst applying my mascara (no matter how much I love actually singing to my darling these days). Well, someone called my name?!! And it was Ina. My long lost friend. We haven't seen each other for over a year when we first met at my Hubby's Birthday party in Soho (she was the other half of my Hubby's then work colleague) and clicked on the basis of our mutual love of wine and all things pretty;) She is a self acclaimed personal stylist and make up artist for Trish McEvoy. "Oh darling let me re-touch your non exciting make-up!". Why not. Half an hour of someone applying 'all the nice stuff' on your face whilst you sit back and relax!! Luxury in my world these days. Little Miss S woke up by this time but she was entertained by all the other lovely make-up girls (chewing on a very expensive makeup - brush! shit!). I was in heaven after our very 'unheavanly' (or real life) journey. Bliss. I nearly fell asleep!

I never used Trish McEvoy before but their products are great. However, as I am not so much into the whole make-up business, I absolutely loved their perfume. It's called Sexy and it is Sexy! At £105 a little bit on the pricier side of perfumes, but absolutely delicious!
So armed with a 'new face', feeling like a Goddess, with a couple of purchases and a very content Little Miss S we ventured out to meet my friend and Cinnamon Buns (all this pampering make you hungry!).

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