Sunday, 17 March 2013

My daughter

Mother and daughter 

I've been giving Little Miss S her evening cuddles before putting her to bed every night. These are the most special and most enjoyable moments. As she was laughing away with no care in the world, more troublesome thoughts crossed my mind. As for every parent, their child is most precious thing in the world. She is my Little Me and she is Daddy's Little me (female version of course). I can only hope that she will stay so genuinely happy and carefree for as long as possible.

I hope that no one will hurt her for as long as possible
And if, in the future, someone will hurt her, she will have the strength to 'brush it off'.
I hope she will be content with who is she is, and where she came from and only have the best memories of her upbringing, because mummy and daddy only did their best.
I hope she will be confident enough to think that she is 'perfect' without coming across as 'self-absorbed', because mummy and daddy think she is perfect.
I hope she will be kind to herself and others.
I hope, one day when she realises that people aren't perfect, she will still have the ability to see 'best in them', and realise that those who love - they try to do their best.
I hope that she will listen to her parents, even if it is with 'one ear', because once you grow up and have your own children you do realise that your parents (and grandparents) were right.
I hope she will like her name.
I hope she will look back on her childhood and think it was the best - filled with love.
I hope she will be able to confide in her mum and dad because no one else can give you more impartial, honest advice.
I hope that she will understand the fact that 'we are all different' and it would be quite boring if we were all the same.
I hope that she is not afraid to question things. Better ask than not understand.
I hope she is not going to be pushed by the 'society' to become something she doesn't want to be. As cliche as it sounds 'be true to yourself'! :)
I hope that when she tries something and she doesn't like it, she will have the strength to start all over again. You only live once.
I hope she will be blessed with true and honest friends who will accept her as she is.
I hope she will have big dreams, but will not be disappointed if not all of them come true. Sometimes 'having it all' does not equal happiness.
I hope she will know that 'not all things that glitter are gold'.
I hope she will take care of herself. You always need to start with yourself.
I hope she will laugh a lot. Genuinely laugh.
I hope she gets inspired a lot.
I hope she doesn't get pressured into doing something she doesn't like.
I hope she is happy with her body.
I hope she doesn't get frustrated if she is not the best at maths or physics. Wise and clever are too different things and a lot of times wise wins!
I hope she doesn't get frustrated if occasionally she fails at her exams. Just pick yourself up and try again. No one has died.
I hope she reads a lot of books and lets her imagination 'go wild'.
I hope she will always be very much LOVED and never lonely. Because she is!

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