Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Peanut butter cookies

I sometimes really 'love' sending My Hubby to pick-up something from a shop. He comes back without what I asked to get in the first place, but with lots of other 'bits' that I normally don't buy. So peanut butter that I found lurking in the cupboard was one of his buys! I will eat peanut butter if it's there, but I don't really go out and buy it. As it was there and flour wasn't there (ah, so I must have asked for flour and got peanut butter instead...), I decided to make 'flourless' peanut butter cookies! Something quick, easy and tasty!

So you need

Small jar of peanut butter (about 220 g)
1 egg
1/2 tbs of vanilla extract
100 g of caster sugar
50 g of brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients with a spoon

Once it looks like this ...

Form the mixture into approx. 1 inch balls

Then flatten them just a tiny bit with a fork

And place into a pre-heated oven (about 170 C ) for 10 - 15 minutes

Let the cookies cool down for 5 minutes

Eat them!!!

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