Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Swimming, dancing and eating!

We had a very action packed weekend. Well, actually majority of our weekends are quite busy, because I like 'to do things!'. Weekends are family and close friends time. Weekends are there to be enjoyed.

So we started our Saturday with fresh bread and coffee from the bakery.

Gail's is perfect for a family breakfast.

And then it was time for a swim.

We used to take Little Miss S swimming when she was smaller, but it's so much more fun now! She spends ages in the water, which wears her out completely! Time for nap.

To be honest I felt ready for a nap too. Swimming is a fun bit, but showering your toddler whilst trying to wash chlorine out of your own hair is slightly tricky!

No rest for the wicked, though, as it was time to get ready for the night out in Bodo's Schloss for my friend's birthday. My Hubby has kindly 'volunteered' to babysit and promised to get up in the morning, so it was time for 'me time' with the girls.

I like Bodo's. It ticks all the boxes for me. It contains the right amount of 'fun' and 'sophisticated'. And yes, you do get a feeling like you are on a skiing trip in Austria ... without the snow outside. We didn't eat this time, but, God, it did look absolutely delicious! Classic Alpine dishes like schnitzel, beef goulash and dumplings. Trust me, even if you have already eaten, the smell and the sight will make you hungry again!

The food is served till about 10, after that the tables are taken away and it turns into a dance floor (you can still reserve disco tables).

Three peeks
Mont Blanc:Ciroc Vodka, apple liqueur, pear puree, lemon juice, topped with Moët et Chandon Ahlberg: Ciroc Vodka, peach, Chase Rhubarb liqueur & lemon juice, topped with Moët et Chandon Eiger:Ciroc Vodka, raspberries, Chambord Black raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, topped with Moët et Chandon

On Sunday, Little Miss S, the Hubby and I headed out for lunch. I felt extremely hungry after looking at all that Austrian food the night before (and dancing of course).

After a long walk in the park it was time for ... more food at friends' house!
That's what weekends are all about. Family, friends, food and lots of laughter:)

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  1. gera parduotuvele:) Atrodo patraukliai,tikiu,kad ir turinys puikus