Monday, 22 April 2013

Oh, you beautifull spring!

Well, at last sunshine the whole weekend. Warmth. Colour. Food outside! Happy people. Oh, how I missed spring. We spent the entire weekend outside (park, garden, outside cafes). By the end of each day I felt slightly dizzy from all the fresh (or as fresh as it can be in London) air. Even Cayman the dog is knackered today after running riots out in the open for two days. Oh, and Little Miss S. How much fun did she have?! She has red cheeks, couple of bruises and lots of muddy clothes. She was rolling around on the grass, chasing poor Cayman and then pouring the entire content of dog's water bowl over herself. I, normally not a big fan of stains and dirty hands, just watched all of this scene unfold with a smirk on my face and glass of Sauvignon Blanc in my hand. Sod all the grass and mud stains. How amazing to watch your child explore new things in the garden or a park. She even tried ice-cream for the first time! Well, daddy gave her some, and I, with two scoops of salted caramel in my hand, decided not to protest, and then even gave her some of mine. Spring does crazy things (wink, wink)!

Two downfalls of warm weekend outside. 1. On a Monday morning the house looks like it pretty much needs to be rebuilt from scratch. 2. I should really be going gym tonight after all the steak, barbecued sausages, roast chicken, cheese, more cheese, gazillion crisps dipped in houmous, chocolate tart with cream, toasted sandwiches, salmon bagels, ice-cream ... all washed down with quite a few glasses of vino...

Whose idea was to put Little Miss S in a skirt?! Oh, my Hubby's actually!

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  1. So happy spring is here! And Little Miss S is super cute! Love your blog x