Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring finds

Apparently it is going to be +20 in London next week! After months and months, and more months of snow, rain and torrential winds I cannot quite believe that, but as I'm typing this post the sun is shinning through the window and the air is very soft and spring-like indeed. So after what feels like centuries of wearing dark and layers, it is time to venture out and get some colour.

Ok, so I still look slightly wintery, but it was drizzly yesterday in London, therefore I put on my favourite hat that kept me nice and toasty through this never-ending winter. I bought it ages ago in Fenwick. Coat, that looks a little bit like Chanel, but unfortunately is not Chanel, is also 'ancient' and was bought in a little boutique in Paris. My jeans are - one of my favourite brands for skinny jeans! And Hunters of course!

I bought this pretty blue dress for Moi in Hobbs.

And these two beauties (to match mama's dress of course) for Little Miss S at Neck & Neck

Didn't buy this bag from Hobbs, but was tempted...

Anthropologie - they looked very pretty, but a little bit impractical with a toddler

Well, what more can I say. This dress is simply beautiful! Ted Baker

Anthropologie - guess my two favourite colours?!


  1. LOVE your outfit! I need to get Hunters asap!

    1. Thanks! Love Hunters. Perfect for rainy walks.

  2. The nice bright hunters and your hat really make this outfit! :)