Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Second summer together!

I am a big girl now!

I just had a thought that this is Little Miss S's second summer in this world (although it seems that she has been in our lives forever). However, they seem to be so different regardless of a fact that we did pretty much the same things (holidays, barbecues, parks).

Last summer Little Miss S was a baby and this summer she is a fully established toddler.
Last summer she was very content with just playing on her mat (be it in the garden, park or beach) and this year we are very lucky if she sits still for five minutes without any bribery.

Last summer we (parents) had time for afternoon drinks in the sunshine whilst Little Miss S was happily napping in her pram, this summer I got soaked in sticky strawberry cider because I made an error of misjudging the distance between my glass and my child. She likes to remove everything from the table.

Last summer shopping for clothes in the actual shops where I could browse through things and try them on was still possible. This summer I know I only have fifteen minutes, so I mastered the art of walking quickly into a shop and scanning through all the items like a robot, then picking up something that caught my eye, paying for it and dashing out before the all-mighty tantrum begins (are they allowed tantrums before they even reach two?!). There is no time to think about the purchase or try and see whether I can find something better.

Last summer we could walk for hours whilst Little Miss S would sit happily in her pram, this summer she wants to push her pram by herself and there is no stopping her. On many occasions I would find myself walking past cute little shops without being able to go in there because my precious little darling wants to carry on pushing her pram forward!

Last summer I thought that giving your child chips is a crime, this summer they come as a 'life saver', if Hubby and I want to be able to enjoy our al fresco lunch.

Last summer white jeans were still possible, this summer - only for child-free evenings out.

Last summer was the best summer ever - and so is this summer.


  1. This made me laugh. So true! x

  2. White jeans - oh yes!!!! X