Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fenwick of Bond Street Beauty Week - Eve Snow

A few weeks ago I attended a beauty event at one of my favourite department stores - Fenwick of Bond Street. Fenwick works with some exclusive brands so it is always exciting to see what's on offer. 

Eve Snow is my new discovery. It's a British nail lacquer company. I was attracted to their simple yet high quality product which is produced here in England and is free from several toxins. Plus it has '3 added' nourishing ingridients, meaning your nails will be protected. In the past few years (not sure wheather motherhood had anything to do with it...it does crazy things you sometimes), I've become conscious about what goes into the products I use. Not to an unhealthy extent, but I do care. As fewer toxins as possible is an advantage in my book. 

I've been wearing Eve Snow varnish in a very elegant Birthday Suit shade for a few weeks now and can honestly say that there is no compromise on the quality. My nails can sometimes go through a 'war' with all the 'pram-folding', washing-up and everything else that comes with being a mother to a toddler, so this nail varnish has been thoroughly tested!

I said it before that I do not buy tons of cosmetics. For me simplicity and quality is key, therefore I am always pleased to discover some new products that are just that little bit different from the rest. 

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  1. Were you wearing that shade when you came over? I loved it and maybe getting some for myself! xx