Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Healthy Sunday!

Our new raw food juicer arrived yesterday so our little family started Sunday with a health kick. I made carrot juice (with a splash of olive oil for adults). It is absolutely delicious! 

I pretty much grew up on carrot juice. My great-grandmother used to make carrot juice every single day. At the age of about 3 I wasn't exactly thrilled about it and I remember her chasing me around a house with a glass and then 'force feeding' me the juice:) Good on her! I was complimented on my skin recently (not showing off or anything;)) and maybe all that carrot juice contributed to it! Hahaha. Anyway, I love the stuff now and my own little family is going to get plenty of it. I am also planning adding some beetroot to carrots and make fresh apple juice! Super yummy! 
Happy Healthy Sunday! I won't go into extremes of healthiness though and will still have a nice glass of red or two with our Sunday dinner. Keeping a healthy balance;) 

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  1. taip,labai geras sprendimas,o svarbiausiai siuo metu laiku-naudingas