Monday, 28 January 2013

Stylish Pub and children?! Yep!

I was browsing through other blogs that I'm currently following the other day and something caught my eye. Child friendly pub (a nice looking pub with stylish interior!!) with its own indoor playground????!!!! I was straight onto their website as words 'decent pub' and 'children' don't really go! Luckily, The Florence wasn't miles away from where we live so we decided to 'check it out' on Sat. And what a great little find it was (at one point I even thought about relocating there!). 
Before we had our little darling I used to be extremely fussy about which Pub I wanted to go. I preferred Gastro-pub type places, that were cosy and stylish, not too bright, with good food and long wine list, well groomed people (I'm not snobby or anything just nice to be surrounded by 'nice' people when you go out) and ideally no screaming kids! 

Now that we have our Little Miss S I'm still picky about places that we go to but my criteria has slightly altered:) I still want a Pub to be 'good looking' with tasty food but I also want it to be bright and very much child friendly! There are a lot of child friendly pubs in and around London, which is fantastic, but they are still more of an 'adult' places if you know what I mean (i.e. if your child starts crying and doesn't stop then it is best to leave as most people in the Pub are likely to be child free). At The Florence everyone and I mean everyone that was present there seemed to have at least one child. It was full of parents who most likely in their child free days went clubbing to Ibiza and cocktail sipping to New York, and now they were sipping red wine and eating salmon burgers whilst their little darlings either slept in their prams (heaven!), made lots of mess whilst eating their flatbread with hummus (that was us!), making lots of noise (majority of children in there) or playing happily in the play room. It was just one buzzing place in every possible way. Oh, and they welcome dogs which is fabulous as we have one. So children, dogs, wine, food, noise and happy parents in a great looking Pub. Ideal Saturday lunch if you ask me;) 

My Little Miss S heading to a playroom with daddy at The Florence 

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