Saturday, 19 January 2013

Soup for thought

When I was looking after our Little Miss S at the Neonatal unit, I would spend there the whole day from early morning till late in the night (sometimes even the whole night). One day, however, after trying to keep on top of everything I got a bad cold. I was devastated as cold means you cannot visit Neonatal unit because little babies can easily catch your cold and this can be very dangerous for them. Luckily, I had my mum on hand and her solution to 'fix me' was a Chicken Soup (or buljonas as we call it in Lithuania). Honestly, even since I can remember the minute you show any signs of any sort of illness the women in our family would start making you tons of chicken soup. My great-grandmother was the 'Master' of the chicken soup and then the rest of us followed through the generations. Now every time my Hubby is suffering from a man flu he gets a huge bowl of buljonas! 
I can honestly assure you that it works. I was back looking after my daughter in no time. Just eat this soup plain throughout the day, get plenty of rest and you will be fine:) My grandmother says that it gives you strength and energy and I sort of believe her:) So here the recipe for this magic stuff!

This is actually so easy it's unbelievable! 
All you need is the whole chicken (the better quality chicken the better your stock will be). 
One whole carrot (peeled)' one whole onion (peeled), small celeriac (peeled), some peppercorns, one bay leaf and salt to taste (I normally add about one table spoon of sea salt). 
Put everything in a large pan, cover with fresh water and boil for one hour occasionally removing 'the bubbles' forming on top. 

Enjoy a nice glass of Beaujolais whilst cooking it and eat it by the fire!  
And this is it! Just sprinkle some fresh parsley over it. You can also use the meat from the boiled chicken, mix it with some red chillies(if you are a spice lover like me) and add some noodles! It's really tasty and Healthy!

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