Friday, 18 January 2013

Stripped back naked or Giving Birth

And I was stripped back naked in every single sense. It wasn't just the pain or being examined by hundreds of different nurses and doctors (stripped back of my dignity:). The minute our Little Miss S was born I was stripped back of any emotion for anyone apart from love, patience and persistence for her. You see, our little girl was born a little earlier than expected. For no apparent reason at all. I had a very healthy pregnancy (yoga, walking lots, blueberries and raspberries in huge quantities). And then I had bleeding, and then I went to the hospital for check up and then I stayed at the hospital. And then, after a few tiring days here she was. Tinny little girl. No other thoughts apart from that everything will be fine entered my mind. Six weeks followed at the Neonatal unit and she went from strength to strength. I spent hours and hours at the unit sitting in the chair and doing Kangaroo care (skin to skin contact between mother and the baby where the baby is placed, ideally naked, on mother's bare chest). Love carried us through. My love, my Hubby's love, our family's love. This is where I discovered how strong and determined human being can be if she/he really has to. Little Miss S is absolutely fine now with NO problems whatsoever. Whereas I can now divide my love between my other nearest and dearest!

Pregnant and happy, it's a Girl!, catching up with Glamour at the Neonatal unit and finally we are home  healthy and  strong!

By the way, I strongly believe that all the Neonatal units should highly encourage Kangaroo care as it's the best way for baby to get better. Skin to skin contact with their mother make babies feel happy, safe and content. My Little Miss S is a living proof of that! 

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