Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Come back Baby!!

There is a crisis in our household today. Huge crisis! All of the sudden there is no 'Baby TV'!!! Or any kind of children's TV! There is a problem with Sky but I just couldn't believe what a Huge problem it will create for me. I was very certain (until my Little Miss S reached the grand age of 8 months) that TV should be kept too an extreme minimum. However, when she started crawling it all changed! Baby TV saved us!:) I know now that if I want to get anything done then Baby TV is my greatest friend. Don't get me wrong, I don't just plonk my child in front of TV for hours (I'm not that evil plus it's pretty much impossible to plonk your toddler anywhere for longer than 20 minutes). Baby TV is there if I want to cook a decent meal, do some tidying up or just have a few 'quiet' minutes to have a cup of tea and write (at this moment I'm writing whilst running after my child around the house).
We already been out most of the day shopping, walking and singing songs at the toddler group, and now would be a good time to put Baby TV on so that some order could be sustained in the house, unfortunately, my 'dear friend' left me all by myself.
Looking forward to my 7pm glass of red more than ever. Oh, and the look on Hubby's face when he sees our 'not as tidy as every day' house;)
Come back Baby TV !!!

That's just the hallway!

Temporary friend Blackberry (I think I already lost half of my photos and the language has been set to Chinese!)

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  1. Tikekime ,kad greitai viskas susitvarkis ir geriausias draugas-pagalbininkas sugris:)