Sunday, 3 February 2013

One step closer to perfection

I was thinking for a while about 'dos' and don'ts' of motherhood (there are literary hundreds) and then I came across this lovely poster on Pinterest. I think it sums it up perfectly.

You know when you get a new dog and then enter 'the dog owners world'. A completely new and crazy place with its own rules that you never knew existed. Don't let your dog 'talk' with another dog for more than 2mins, always say morning to fellow dog owners no matter how weird they look, carry a poo poo bag pretending you will pick it up, dog barking at other dogs - very bad behaviour (shame on you the Owner!). And it goes on.

So, you enter the world of Motherhood and it has this huge list of 'silent' rules no one really tells you about. You just learn as you go.
I had to google what 'soft-play' actually was ( God, it could be a anything?!!). Everyone was taking their babies to soft-play and I just didn't have a clue. Ah, now I know. I know so much that I could write another long post about it( have this love/hate relationship with 'soft-plays'). So there are rules and then there are 'rules' in the soft-play. For example, if another child pokes your child in the eye and your child starts crying, you just pick your child up, say 'awww', smile at the mother of the 'evil' child and say 'it's ok!' even though it's absolutely not ok and you would like to do something else!

Anyhow, one thing I do know is that you don't tell other mothers what to do with their own child unless you are asked or the woman telling you so is actually your own mother and you have a great relationship with her! We all have our own ways of bringing up our children but we don't need be told (again unless asked) what's right and what's wrong. Motherhood is filled with feelings of guilt and worries enough as it is, so we certainly do not need some 'Mother Earth Look At Me I Am A Super Woman' telling you how they had natural home birth with candles and jazz in the background and her Hubby sitting together with her naked in the birthing pool and then breastfed her child until the age of 3 with no chip or chocolate in sight (you get the gist). I have a happy, healthy child so my parenting ways must be working and you have your happy, healthy child then whatever you are doing is working too.

Oh God, I put my hands up and admit that I am guilty of being judgmental in the past. When Little Miss S was tiny I would look in disgust at other parents in the Pub giving a bowl of chips to their toddlers whilst they attempted to finish off their Sunday Roast. 'I would never give my precious child such a nasty food as chip, I will bring my own home made food to the Pub for her to eat', and I did until I realised that chips or any other 'picky foods' are the best ways to entertain your toddler whilst you are trying to eat your dinner and have some sort of conversation with your other half or your friends. Otherwise just don't go out to any food/drink establishments because toddlers will not sit still at the table with you for longer than 20 minutes tops!

I still have a 'list' (in my head of course, I haven't actually written these things down!!) that I might discuss with my Hubby or close child-free friends, but it's a much shorter list and it's not called 'I will never ever' more like 'I don't really think it's right but then no one's perfect'.
Happy Guilt Free Sunday!

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about with the silent dog owner rules, even worse they seem to change depending on where you are too! I hadn't even thought about how much worse it would be as a mother xo

  2. :) Indeed. In some areas dogs are allowed everywhere (shops, bars) and it others absolutely not (but there are no signs)! These days we need a dog and child friendly places! And just hope for the best that both of them will be on their best behaviour;)