Friday, 1 February 2013

Me me me !

So following on from my yesterday's post about not knowing what to wear, I eventually found something! Well, I already bought a pair of new shoes a couple of weeks ago in sale (my Hubby gave them a funny look as though to say 'I don't think I've seen you before!' .... If he reads this he will find out the truth... They were ON SALE Darling!!). Anyway, so because they were ankle boots I knew they would look good with skinny jeans so that's two items sorted! Now then, what to wear on top??!! My hubby gave me this gorgeous set of Agent Provocateur underwear for my Birthday and I really wanted to wear it because (sorry for too much information) but on a day to day basis I don't exactly get a chance to strut around in a black see-through lace. I tried quite a few tops but most just didn't go with a bra (craziness!:)). I was just about to give up on a gorgeous bra and then I saw something lurking in the deepest corners of my wardrobe. My black silk slightly see-through pussy-bow Chloe blouse bought back in the days when I used to buy that sort of stuff because I got to wear it quite often. I honestly completely forgotten about it but then it is not exactly the sort of thing you wear to Rhyme Time group with your toddler.

Bag was easy - all of my and Little Miss S' stuff lives in my oversized Louis Vuitton bag. I might be a mum and give up my heels for trainers as it is actually quite dangerous carrying around a baby in your heels, but I am most definitely not giving up my handbags for some weird looking things with cartoons and flowers painted on them (also l known as baby changing bags). So all done. The Outfit was actually sorted in a very quick period of time!


In the meantime my Little Miss S was invading my 'not so big as I would like it to be' shoe collection!

Quick look into Dyptique shop in Mayfair (I would be very happy if I got these every Christmas and every Birthday!)

Drinks and dinner at Hush, Mayfair.

And then off to my favourite place - The Fumoir bar in Claridge's. It's my ideal bar. If I had unlimited funds I would have my breakfast in Claridge's , drink my coffee there and eat my dinner on a regular basis. Pure luxury:) And why not?!

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