Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Happy 'Toddlerhood'

I had a couple of emails asking where have I disappeared as I tend to write a blog post a day (or that's the aim).
Firstly, I have been doing some research into eating habits around the world, so that's to come. Secondly, my child has recently 'lived up' to her title - a toddler! All of the sudden this huge burst of 'super active toddler' just came sweeping through. No sitting down for more than 2 minutes, moving around at a speed of Ferrari! Super fast. Super active! I love it though, no matter how 'desperate' the situation might become;) Things are on the floor, nothing remains on the shelves, everything keeps coming crushing down. I said word 'no' or 'ne' (in Lithuanian) about 100000 times a day! Little Miss S finds this word hilarious.
Apparently once babies get bigger, things become easier.... Umh, not too sure about that... Once they get bigger, you need strength of a triple Snickers bar combined with Lucozade to get you through the day. If I didn't like my food and wine that much I would probably disintegrate!:) In a 'pre-first Birthday' days Little Miss S had two naps a day and that was my time to get things done and regain composure. Now it is down to just one nap and so whilst my little angel is peacefully sleeping, I am running around the house in an attempt to make it habitable again.
Shopping used to be great once upon a time when Little Miss S just slept in her pram. Now she doesn't even want to remain in her pram (let alone sleep). She wants to try and destroy the clothes and eat the labels!:)
Car journeys are still good, train and tube journeys - not so good anymore. Little Miss S seems to have some sort of 'allergy' to public transport... Well, cannot really blame her as I'm not a great fan of it too.
I feel like I'm running two London Marathons a day! And of course I love it (she says whilst letting out a tiny sob). Little Miss S has developed her own personality which is so incredible to watch. This is an exiting time. Seeing her being so strong and determined when only just over a year ago she was so tiny and helpless.
Motherhood is the most amazing journey of discovery. Every single step is different. It's lots of fun with a pinch of frustration and a table spoon of guilt. And tons of LOVE.

My little treasure

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