Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend Breakfast

Nothing beats a tasty and relaxing breakfast to kick off your day, but let's face it, this could become rather impossible with a very active toddler by your side. So Monday to Friday I usually settle for a bowl of porridge with blueberries, bananas and honey. Yes it's healthy, yes it's tasty but can become a bit boring if you have it every day. Weekends are different though as I have another pair of hands to help me! The Hubby. And he is in charge of breakfast!

Sunday breakfast! A very naughty and extremely nice bacon and egg sandwich sprinkled with smoky paprika! Heaven!

Followed by ... Chocolates! Well, someone has to eat those Valentine's presents!

Saturday's breakfast at Paul's.

And check out the highchair!!! I want one of those!

Have a lovely Sunday. X

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