Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hats off ... Everything off!

Parcel arrived this morning. Not for me. For Little Miss S from Vertbaudet (courtesy of mummy and daddy). Part of her Spring/Summer 2013 wardrobe ( mine is still in Selfridges and will probably stay there for quite a while...). Didn't bother trying on all of the items that I bought as otherwise it would turn into a very lengthy process (toddlers are not the most easiest creatures to get dressed). I'm sure everything will fit and everything looks super pretty. Tried the hat though, which, surprise surprise (not surprised one bit) came off straight away! We had this problem already with our winter hat. A stylish beret had to be replaced by a very practical all-in-one (scarf and hat - once the scarf is wrapped around the neck, hat doesn't come off)! Same story with gloves. Literally had to tie them around her wrists with strings! I gave up on pretty things (hair bands, ribbons ... no chance), but I just want to make sure that she doesn't get a cold or a sunstroke!

Last summer was easier. Little Miss S was still a baby and the hat stayed on during our beach holidays. This year things are trickier! Even putting on a sun cream is a mission very much impossible. More goes onto my hands than her face.

Did someone say that newborn stage is the hardest?! I'm not entirely sure about that ...and we haven't even reached 'terrible twos'!

Take this stupid thing off me!

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  1. Milly's mummy1 May 2013 at 21:22

    hahaha.So 'get you' darling!Forget about looking pretty, just as long as it can be practical! Good luck with your holidays xoxo