Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday where I can breathe easy ...

Coffee and thoughts on the lake ...

We are trying to book a holiday. And it's like mind vs heart or sense vs sensibility...All inclusive convenience vs simple place where we can just be left 'to be'.

With Little Miss S now being an established toddler this particular holiday is going to be slightly different from the last one. She now needs lots and lots of space (safe space!) to run around and explore. Preferably with a few toys on site that we do not need to transport all the way from London. Something extremely close to the beach. Well, actually on the beach so when the nap time comes we can swiftly and quickly retreat to our room (ideally overlooking the beach and the sea) without walking or driving in the heat. We need something where meals are constantly being served - so if for whatever reason, be it tantrum or boredom, we need to leave - we can always come back later... You see where I am heading my worst nightmare - all inclusive holiday. OK, so I am slightly over exaggerating. It is not actually the worst thing that can happen. I appreciate every single holiday I go to, no matter how many holidays I have already been on. I never stop being excited because, I think, once you lose excitement and appreciation of your travels, you pretty much lose interest in life. I never ever hated any of my holidays. It's just that I, or actually we as Hubby has the same opinion, very much prefer to do things in our own time, on our own terms rather than being tied up to the whole 'schedule' of all inclusive. Holidays that I really cherish and immensely enjoy are actually holidays to 'simple' places. We all need a bit of luxury and papering from time to time but, actually (honestly), too much luxury can get rather tiring. The problem with luxury is that you have to keep up with it. So for instance, if you are going for a meal at the end of your 'hard day' on the beach of your 5 star plus hotel, you still need to look luxurious and sometime looking luxurious is too much of an effort. Sometimes you just want to disappear, to blend in with the locals, to not care, to not think, to not pretend, to not try. You just want to be. To breathe easy without anyone watching you.

I have a few places like that. One of them is our summer house on the lake in Lithuania where you wake up early in the morning and drink your coffee on the lake in just your pyjamas...well, actually just your bikini bottoms...naked if you are comfortable with that. Sun is shining, fish are jumping. You can hear your neighbours across the lake but you cannot see them... Sauna, beers and night time swimming in the lake under the moon. Fresh smoked fish (neighbour has a smoking house). Local women can bring you fresh bread, milk and honey from the village. You can spend the whole week in just your bikini. No make-up, no worrying about what to wear... a week there and your mind is so clear you sometimes forget who you are. We are going there later in the summer.

We also go to this place in Greece. Went there while I was still pregnant with Little Miss S and keep going back. It's our secret escape. So simple but so nice. The gem is basically in the people. We got to know the owner of the apartments and we got to know the people who run a lovely authentic Greek taverna near by. Nothing fancy, very simple but very welcoming. You feel part of their community there and that's another thing that I love about travelling. I want to learn about the culture and food. To form friendships.

As I'm typing this I'm feeling more and more aprehensive about the all inclusive (no matter how luxury) option... The routine of 'all inclusive' makes me want to cry. Holidays should not be timed. But, of course, there are lots of advantages in having everything done for you... that, or we just find a villa right on the beach with a lovely family run restaurant next door and super-reliable occasional babysitter near by... Decisions decisions, hey.

We have been getting ready for our holidays by spending Bank Holiday Weekend at Whitstable Beach.

I wore jeans from my favourite brand 7forallmankind, top from Zara (last season), belt from Whistles and navy ballet pumps from prettyballerinas.
Little Miss S wore jeans and hat from vertbaudet and top from Zara Kids.



  1. Cecilia Carden8 May 2013 at 16:00

    This is beautifully written and I think you and your little princess look absolutely gorgeous! Love reading your blog. As for holiday - we love Sardinia. You should try it. x