Friday, 17 May 2013

'Manual labour' and other joys of Motherhood

Occasionally you do get to put your feet up...

Right then, after all those shopping trips, I thought I will write a post about something that is even closer to my heart than shopping. Motherhood. Now I'm pretty much an established Mama of the whole 19 months and I know, or think I know, a thing or two about a wonderful world of mothering...

When you don't have a child, you either hear people say that it's the best thing ever - absolutely yes, although all good things come at a price - or they ('lucky' people that have children) warn you about loss of freedom - erm, yes, it's true, and loss of sleep - we've actually been very lucky with this one, but I've heard some horror stories (although now I said it out loud, we will probably have a sleepless night!). Anyway, so these are the most obvious presumptions about motherhood. But there are literary thousands more.

Guilt, for example, appears to be the most 'popular' amongst all the mamas (and papas of course) I got to know. In pre baby days I never really thought about that, but guilt comes hand in hand with motherhood and all the love that you feel for your precious little angel (or devil). Once you are a parent you feel guilty about pretty much everything... probably to the point where you feel guilty about feeling guilty!

Worrying. I've just got over the fact that Little Miss S's hands will never be clean enough and that it's not the end of the world if she picks up an ancient looking biscuit crumb from the floor once in a while and eats it... At the beginning of my journey into motherhood I used to carry antibacterial wipes everywhere.

Frazzled brain. I constantly find myself thinking about ten things at a time. Whilst I think, I also make to do lists in my head (cannot do written lists), watch Little Miss S getting closer and closer to grabbing my BlackBery and smashing it to the floor, worrying about Little Miss S hurting herself and thinking whether I will need to buy a new BlackBerry. Feeling guilty that I'm not in control of the whole situation...This is just an example of many examples.

Manual labour. No one ever told me that there will be so much lifting involved in motherhood. So, you lift your child in and out of pram, in and out of cot, in and out of highchair, in and out of car seat, in and out of shopping trolley, in and out of bath... And if you are not lifting your child then you are lifting a pram in and out of boot (whilst holding your child and two shopping bags...maybe even a dog). And it's not just lifting, it's catching, running, bending over, jumping... I try to go to the gym in evenings (that's if I'm not being distracted by wine and My Hubby's delicious cooking ...), but by the time I get to the gym I already feel like I've done a triathlon. On a positive note - you are pretty much guaranteed a very muscly looking arms!


  1. My back is aching so much from all the lifting -I need a massage badly!

  2. So true - guilt, worrying, non-stop running around - it's never ending. All worth it though:)