Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shopping: hats and accessories

Summer is around the corner (although I honestly  cannot feel it) and so is wedding season (and Christening and horseracing for me!).  Therefore, I ventured out to Fenwick Bond Street to try on some gorgeous hats and accessories (hard life). As I mentioned before, it's a perfect place if you are looking for something a little bit different and quirky.

So here are my finds (all available at the store).

Awesome summer colours

I am in love with these bracelets. They are so delicate and understated. Perfect arm candy!

Very cute headbands. Two in the middle are Salvatore Ferragamo (would go nicely with the pums if you like matching things)

One and only Philip Treacy. Work of art (hat, not me). Worth investing in my opinion (Hubby might have different opinions...)

Fun factor by Mich Dulce.

 Flower power by Grevi

And this one for those who are feeling extremely adventurous! I just had to try it on.


  1. Oh wow, accessory heaven! Go on, buy the last hat-hahah, I will cross over the road if I see you though! I adore the huge vibrant flower that is by Grevi and I'm thinking ears for encourage the Philip Tracey buy! haha!

  2. Amazingly there is a demand for that fluffy 'thing' :) Haha, ear comment made me laugh. They are not cheap either!!

  3. It's got to be the ears!!! They are so cool.

  4. I love those bracelets! Do I dare want to know how much the fascinators were?

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰