Monday, 17 June 2013

Just pack and fly away

And it's pretty much what we did. Spontaneity does not go hand in hand with small children, but sometimes it's possible (especially if you are not attached to school holidays). So off we went to our favourite place in a very sunny Greece. Last minute meant no necessary unnecessary bikini shopping, lots of running around trying to get various items (a lot of cute summer dresses) for Little Miss S, squeezing in a pedicure, drop off Cayman the dog at our very accommodating friends' house and even managing a glass (or two) of wine whilst there. Mr Hubby did a very 'man thing' and got all of his stuff at the airport!

Flight went reasonably well. 8pm departure meant it was past Little Miss S's bed time and she did get agitated. She likes pushing her own pram around so we did that for about 30 minutes. We walked past Champagne and Caviar bar, both Hubby and I gazing longingly at ice cold bubbly and lobster, but Little Miss S had other ideas, so we settled in at kid's play area with a cup of coffee. As we were eventually getting on the plane, Little Miss S had a little cry big scream, but eventually fell asleep  and slept right through the whole flight, meaning mummy and daddy did have an opportunity to toast the beginning of their holidays with a glass of champagne.

From this point onwards it has been great. We have established a routine for Little Miss S. I think in order to have a relaxing holiday with a toddler, it is important to set a routine because children like that. I get to have my 'me' time once she is napping in her Sun Sense tent on the beach (best invention ever). In the evenings she likes falling asleep in her cot, so once she in a land of nod, Hubby and I will put her in a pram and will pop over next door for a lot some food and local wine. Yes, we do the same thing every day but it works and everyone is very happy and relaxed. What more could you possibly want!

More to come...

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  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I totally agree about the established routine. Question! How can you eat all that Greek food and look so slim?! X