Wednesday, 5 June 2013

City Love and What We Wore

Our 'office' for today. Oasis of calm in London
Sunny and warm days like the ones we are having in London at the moment, make you really appreciate and enjoy the city. Motherhood just intensified my thoughts about not wanting to relocate anywhere with 'more space and fresh air'. When Little Miss S was born, Hubby and I entertained the idea about buying a converted barn 'somewhere in the countryside' or maybe even building our own house (too many Grand Designs quite clearly). You know, local village, nice views, fresh air, lots of space for Little Miss S to play, couple more dogs (at one point Hubby mentioned horses...he must have been drunk). Anyway, so I kind of enjoyed that idea for a while *picturing myself baking cookies in the Aga*.  Children make you want to change for the better and seek perfection. They 'make you' buy eco friendly floor polish and look for places with minimal air pollution (seriously)... 19 months on and no amount of space will make we want to leave the joys shops and bars  of London behind. I've always been a city girl (with a substantial dose of beach holidays thrown in). Due to my dads work, I had a chance to live in a few countries and I always enjoyed the buzz that only a big city can bring. Our apartment in Kiev was located right in the centre (probably equivalent to living near Regent's Street). I thoroughly enjoyed being next to all the restaurants, theatres, shops, galleries and food markets. Life was happening right on our door step and it was great. Therefore, I enjoy London and now that we have our toddling toddler, there are so many wonderful parks and places to explore. Motherhood just reaffirmed my belief that I want to stay here and if we do decide to move, it will be more central rather than out. Oh, and as for more space - I just about manage to look after our own garden (which consists of a huge decking and some grass and trees). More dogs - as much as I love the creatures, no thanks. It would just make it quite impossible to go out for a walk (child in one hand, dog in another). Air in the parks also seems to be fresh enough and we can always go away for long weekend (just a thought).

On another note, this is what we wore:


Top: Asos
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind
Scarf: Ted Baker
Moccasins: Geox

Little Miss S wore:

Hat: Vertbaudet
Cardigan: Zara
Top and shorts: M&S
Shoes: Bobux

If you are a mummy and live in London, then it is worth checking London Mothers Club for some ideas on various meet ups in town.


  1. Sutinku su tavo issakyta nuomone

  2. I love your top! and Little Miss S always looks so stylish. Must get it from mummy:)

  3. Looking good. I adore 7 for Mankind jeans too-you look so sunny and fabulous!

  4. How cute are you three! Looking forward to seeing you at BML!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰