Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Some healthy ideas for your little ones

I haven't written about food and cooking for a little while. All this shopping business has taken over, but those who have been following my blog will know that I am passionate about food. I am not at a MasterCheft standard just yet, but I like to eat and I like to make sure my Little Miss S eats as healthy as possible. Toddlers, however, are famous ( or shall I say infamous) for being fussy eaters, but us, parents, are ingenious creatures and we always find ways around this 'problem' (like hiding fruit and veg in our children's plates).

So here is what we have been eating (and not).

Tomatoes are a big 'no no' at the moment. Even finely chopped and hidden in a scrambled egg, they will always be identified and spat out. Shame, as I am a great tomato lover and they are full goodness (Vitamin A,C, K and many more). However, I found a solution. Beetroot, celery and fresh tomatoes sautéed in some unsalted butter and then blitzed into a puree. This can then be mixed into mashed potatoes and served with fish, chicken or even form a part of healthy spaghetti Bolognese sauce. It is such a tasty combination that really goes well together and it tastes a little sweet because of the beetroot which toddlers, of course, love. Moreover, it is bursting with vitamins.

Quinoa. She loves it. I have been eating these lovely little grains since I was her age and, apart from being a great source of iron and fibre, it is actually very tasty too. I serve it either as a garnish with her fish or meat, or as breakfast - simmer quinoa in milk and add your child's favourite fruit and yogurt.

Broccoli or kale (broccoli's more healthier brother). No toddler would eat broccoli on its own, but if you mash it up with sweet potato, unsalted butter and crème fraiche, it really does taste delicious. I serve it with salmon poached in milk. So far, so good.

Raw food juices are great, in my opinion, for making sure that your child gets his/her daily dose of vitamins. Carrot, apple and beetroot juice tastes great and Little Miss S loves it . Yes, the juicer is a pain in the bum to clean, but all for good cause!

Let me know about your clever little ways of making sure your bundle of joy gets 5 a day.


  1. The only fruit my 2 year old eats is a banana! So I try to blend all the other fruits with it. I really hope he will grow out of it! It's some much blending a woman can do:) Lovely blog. Hope to see you you at Britmums Live x

    1. Thanks Cecilia. Yes, apparently they do grow out of it!

  2. some lovely ideas here! I am in the process of buying raw food juicer. I agree, it's the best way to get your 5 a day and more! Not looking forward to washing it:)

  3. I really like your suggestion re Quinoa. I shall definitely try it out. I highly believe that all the healthy eating habits are formed in childhood. There are different phases, but that's just normal with kids.