Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Perfect grey maxi and beach market

Second part of our month long holiday (where has the time gone?) I spent with Little Miss S and my mum in our summer house in the seaside town called Palanga. Perfect girly holiday. One day, whilst Little Miss S was taking a nap in her SunShade tent, mum and I were sipping coffee on the beach and discussing our perfect maxi dress (as you do). My dear mother works in fashion so often occasionally we talk about clothes. I said I wanted a grey dress that is made out of stretchy slightly see-through cotton and fitted at all the right places. Oh, and not too long! There are so many maxis out there, but all I want is simple, pretty thing. And sometimes simple is hard to find. A lot of time simple can cost a small fortune.

Next day I found one!

I told you it was simple!

Pretty and practical 

And I just cannot seem to part with it!
However, I didn't find it in a designer boutique. I spotted it on a beach market. And not just any beach market - Women's beach market!

For those who are not familiar with it, Women's beach (and market) might sound a little bit strange, but I spent my summers there as a child and it's a great place to be (and get an even tan). Yes, as the title suggests, the beach is for women only who like to come and sunbathe topless (or even bottomless). It's the most relaxing and care-free place in the world to sunbathe (unless you are lucky enough to own your own private beach of course). No one stares, no one bothers you. There are young women, older women, pregnant women, women that just had little ones. And then there is a market! Right on the beach, where you can try bikinis, dresses, shoes and much more in just your bikini bottoms! Genius if you ask me. Of course, not all items are great, as it is a market after all, but like anywhere, there are some hidden gems to be found.

'Selfridges' on the beach ... almost 


  1. What a great maxi dress! Simple is best.

  2. Wow, looking gorgeous as ever. I don't suit maxi dresses! Do join #fashionfriday if you fancy