Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vilnius walks - Uzupis

If you ever find yourself in a beautiful place called Vilnius, then there are a couple of things I can recommend to you to make your stay more pleasant, after all I was born here. I used to walk with my mum to her work-place via that bridge in the above photo when I was a toddler (mum works in fashion so occasionally I was allowed to come in with her and disrupt everyone else's creativity).  This time Little Miss S was walking with us.

Vilnius has the most stunning Old-Town. It's full of little boutiques, cafes and restaurants dotted around narrow and quaint cobbled streets.

Start your day in Uzupis by grabbing yourself a coffee and some fresh bread or a cake.

Maybe in here?
Then begin exploring. Uzupis is known as an 'artist republic'. It even has it's own constitution (not real obviously, but I am very happy to live by it!).

A lot of architecture still hasn't been renovated in this part, so it's a real gem.

Many artists live and work here. In the daytime it's quiet and laid-back, people getting on with their work, mothers lunching and cats lounging around in the sun, but in the evenings all the 'bohemians' like to come out with their red wine and cigarettes. The atmosphere can be truly amazing, especially on the warm summer evenings that we've been having recently.
Take a seat
Wine bar
Lunch at Uzupio Klasika

River Vilnele - great place to be when it's hot

More walks to come!


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  2. Oh wow, how beautiful are your pictures and you look stunning as ever too. Mwah x