Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Autumn and wellies

Tan is rapidly fading, heating is on and socks are back on. Yes, summer is well and truly over. Last weekend instead of wearing my Havaianas, I wore my Hunters. They've been hidden away somewhere in the depths of the wardrobe for a long time and I was actually excited to be reunited with them. I love wellies and if I could justify it (I can't...), I would certainly purchase some more pairs (does anyone actually own more than one pair of wellies?).

I am also wearing Trilogy jeans. They do perfect skinny jeans (yes, I know all my jeans look the same, but when I find something that fits me, I stick to it).

Little Miss S was also treated to a pair of new wellies (if I cannot buy myself another pair, at least I've got my daughter). Hers are from Cath Kids.

And if you did manage to find an excuse for another pair of wellies, here are some of my favourite:



  1. Fabulous! I need (want) new pair of wellies. Those Joules ones look nice... Your little darling is so cute x